This unframed original print is one of five artist’s proofs. It looks the same as the edition of 50, but carries the letters A/P, rather than 49/50, for example. I print my editions in batches, making many test prints as I do so, to make sure I’m producing the colours and density of ink I want. When the edition is sold out, I pick out a few of those which are identical to the edition to sell as artist’s proofs. Traditionally, these have been seen as collectors’ items and have sometimes been sold for more than the main edition, but mine are the same price.

As with the numbered members of the edition, each is printed by hand, from a block of lino-like vinyl material which I carved using lino and wood-cutting tools.

Image size: 41cm x 32cm

Paper size: 56cm x 48cm

This magnificent tree is found on the roadside at Marley Head near South Brent, and is well-known locally. I loved its shape and scale – I left the phone wire and post in the image as I felt it helped show that scale.


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