Follow The River

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This handmade print is from an edition of 15. It is printed using Caligo Safewash inks on 250gsm Somerset satin paper, which is made in Wells. The print was made using the reduction technique and there are slight variations between the 15.

Paper size: 32.5cm x 28.5cm

Image size: 27cm x 17.5cm

Follow The River shows my take on a winter view from my house down the course of the River Ashburn towards Ashburton. This little river flows down from moors of Dartmoor, just a mile or so away. The valley is wooded on both sides, with trees along the river. I love the view in the winter, especially when the mist descends from the moor or rises from the water, turning the landscape into layers of subtle sepias and greys.

1 review for Follow The River

  1. Merilyn (verified owner)

    Other worldly beauty! This print’s soft distance just draws you in. It makes me stop and smile several times a day!

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