Ridge purple and gold version



This print is an original. made by me, by hand, in my workshop in the Dartmoor National Park in Devon. It is one of a limited edition of 50 printed on my Hawthorn press on handmade Somerset paper using Caligo Safewash printmaking inks.

The paper size is approximately 58cm by 38cm.
The image size is approximately 44cm by 25 cm.

This tree-lined ridge is near my home and I often walk it. I love the different trees along it – old, battered beeches and pines. They are a recent addition to an archaeologically rich area, full of reaves, or field boundaries, most of which are 3,500 years old.

It is part of a variable edition, which means that not all 50 will be the same. So far I have printed it in two colour versions – this one in black to purple to gold – the trees silhouetted against the sky, the slope reminiscent of heather and gorse in flower, or just the deep, dark colours of a Devon day of rain and sun.


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