How can your prints be originals if you have an edition of 50 of them?

Each of my prints is printed by hand by me on my press. The word ‘print’ has sadly become associated with reproductions, such as prints of an oil painting. These are made from a photo or scan of a painting, then printed digitally. My prints are made from a block or plate I have carved myself. To make each print the block is inked three times and passed through my press with paper. I don’t sell reproductions!

How long does it take you to make one of your tree prints?

The whole process of drawing, carving the block and proofing it can take anything from three weeks to three or four months, depending on the complexity of the image and how much time I spend on it each day.

How much is postage?

Postage is free to UK addresses. For everywhere else my postage rates are below. Most of my prints fall into the ‘large’ category.

Europe: Large £10.75. Small £8.75. Add £2 for each additional print.

USA and Canada; Large £16. Small £14. Add £2 for each additional print.

Everywhere else: Large and small £18. 

Can I visit your studio to choose a print?

Yes. You’d be very welcome. I take part in Devon Open Studios for two weeks in September, but at other times you just need to get in touch with me to arrange a convenient time. I don’t have a gallery at home, but can show you prints and how I made them.

Do you teach workshops?

I don’t. My studio isn’t large enough and at the moment I prefer to make, rather than teach.

Do you do commissions?

No! Sorry! I find it very difficult to make art which doesn’t come from me.